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Winterburn History Timeline

A collection of notes and document extracts assembled from a wide variety of sources, forming an historic timeline of events which had an affect on Winterburn. It contains many interesting facts and references to individuals, providing a brief, but useful, history of Winterburn.

Before1400 : 1400-1550 : 1550-1700 : 1700-1800 : 1800 onward


1560-64 Gargrave Parish Register (GPR)

The viij Day November 1560 - Leonard Brig son of John Brig of Wynt'born bapt.

The xviij Day January 1561 - Wilfred Proctor sone of John of Cowpercote bapt.

The iiij Day May 1561 - Stepen Procter son of Thomas P'cter of Frearhead bapt.

The xth Day October 1562 - Rawf Darwent of Winterborn buried.

Earl Of Cumberland inherited through marriage almost the entire western half of Craven. He was the largest landlord in the West Riding, holding the Clifford fee in Craven and most of the Bolton Abbey Estates. He was accounted to be Catholic minded and left a Catholic will in 1570.

The xxvij Day August 1564 - Margret Brig d. of John Brig of Winterbrn bapt.

In the 1570s Elizabeth I orders the removal of certain articles supposed to be Popish and the provision of books and furniture, ordered by the Book of Common Prayer. All parishioners were required to attend church on Sunday and to partake in Holy Communion at least three times a year and especially at Easter. Extreme Catholics refused to attend at all because the use of the English Prayer Book was forbidden to them. They were named a recusants.

Thomas Proctor of Cowper Cotes was gaoled and John Proctor, was named as a recusant both then and in 1580. Chris. Proctor is named but not as a recusant.

The ownership and advowson (the guardianship or patronage of an eccliastical house or benefice) had passed from Sir Arthur Darcy to his son Henry, he sold this to Thomas Cecil in 1573, he immediately disposed of the advowson to John Proctor of Cowper Cotes.

Christopher Proctor is curate of the parish, highly likely that he was placed by John as he could hardly read. Inspection of church around this time? Found it to still be Catholic inclined and was for many years.

The xxiiij Day June 1577- Robert Carlill of Wynterborn buried.

The xxij Day Nov 1577 - John Sylson of Wynterborn buried. (GPR)

No fewer than 22 recusants were found in Flasby - several Proctors - and a few years later Thomas Proctor of Winterburn Hall came before court. It was stated that ì he was absent from church the last three years except he was once there a year ago being sent for by a J.P." He confessed that he hath sence the Queen Majesties raigne heard masse in Flanders.

The x Day of April 1585 - old P'kinson wife of Winterburne buried. (GPR)

1590. 32 Elizabeth 1 - Lease between Francis Clifforde of Lonsbroughe (York), esq.; to Thomas Franklande of Hetton (York) husbandman, of a close in Langhill within the township of Hetton now in the tenure of the said Thomas Franklande and of 1 "ingdaile" in the said Langhill, now in the tenure and occupation of on Robert Selle, and also 1/2 "oxgauge" part of the pastures, moors, and commons of Hetton for a term of 31 years from St Lukes day last past, at a yearly rent of 2s; with covenants as to distraints, repair of fences, grinding of corn at Winterburn mill, and re-entry. With a note of delivery to John Coppham with witnesses. Signed Francis Clifford.
Witnesses John Redman, William Ferrand, George Robinson, William Ferand the younger, George Burton. Indenture with 1 seal (1.8cm) of red wax, pendant on a tag, bearing a device, an heraldic beast (a gryphon?). (Harvard Law School Deeds 778 : Hollis Catalogue BHF 3697)
See Ordnance survey 1845, still an field called Franklands Allotment next to Waygill.

June 2nd : Rt Hon George Earl of Cumberland etc to Thomas Cardell, citizen and Alderman of London, of the manors of Eshton, Gargrave and Flasby, to secure £4600. (YAS Ingilby records WYL230/3473)

September 1st : From Thomas Cardell, citizen and mercer of London to William Ingilbye of Ripley, esq., and Thomas Ferrand of Carleton in Craven, gent, of the manors of Eshton, Gargrave and Flasby and all messuages, lands etc. (YAS Ingilby records WYL230/3478)

Assignment of water mill etc - Kilnsey to several inc. Richard Leyland of Winterburn. (MD 335/6/43 23/5/1599)

The xiiij Day May 1603 - Thomas Hyde of Wynterbourne husb' buried.

The xxij Day Dec 1605 - Susan Brige wif of Thomas buried (could be Flasby).

The xxiiij Day March 1605 - Robert Snell of Wynterbourne buried. (GPR)

Copy bargain and sale : Martin Lister of the city of London, esquire; 1. Matthew Lister of London, doctor of physick; Thomas Barker of Astropp, Northamptonshire; Allan Pygott of the Middle Temple 2. Hugh Currer of Kildwick,yeoman; John Wigglesworth of Stainton, John Hitchon of Rylstone, Henry Thompson of Bordley. 3. Henry Driver of Flasby; John Armistead of Broakbank: William Parkinson of Eshton and several others. Sale dated August 1607, by Martin Lister and the others to Hugh Currer and the others of messuages in Flasby and meadows and pastures in Brookabank, messuages and lands in Eshton, lands in Hetton and Winterburn with covenant to enclose a piece of Jesus Green in Winterburn for the use of Martin Lister and the others and Henry Driver and the others of Winterburn, to be enjoyed in the common to them all and provisions to allow the disposing of the messuage, with the rents being paid to Crown enrolled in Chancery, June 1607 Certificate of this being a true copy, part of the premises having lately being purchased by Hugh Currer of Kildwick. (YAS MD 335/1/33/7)

April 1617 - Alice Snell d. of John Snell of Winterborne bapt. (GPR)

Deed to lead uses of a fine 20 July 1618 - Sir William Lister of Thornton, knight. 2 Michael Lister of Fryerhead, Martin Lister of mid-Claydon Buckinghamshire, and Matthew Lister of the city of London, uncles of Sir William Lister. 3. Giles Parker of Horrackforth, Lancashire. Recital that Sir William Lister had has resolved that all his estates, except for certain premises in Middop and Rimmington, shall go to his heirs male, in default of which to his uncles and their heirs in succession; fine to be levied to secure property to his wife for her jointure, on manors of Middop and Thornton. (YAS MD335/1/1/31)

The ..ij Day May 1618 - John Smythson sonne of Wilfred Smythson of Winterb' bapt. (GPR)

The xvij Day Sept 1626 - Antonie Nayler s of James, cowhouse bapt.

The xxix Day Oct 1626 - James Brigg s. of Thomas of Winterburne bapt.

The xxiiij Day Dec 1626 - Henrie Staw s. of John of Winterburne bapt.

The xj Day March 1628 - Anne Maskew d. of Robert of Winterburne bapt.

The iij Day May(1629) - John Staw s. of John of Winterburne bapt.

The xxviij Day Nov 1630 - Roger Hill son of Cudbert of Winterburne bapt. (GPR)

Northumberland Records, Middletons of Belsay 22 Aug 1632:
(1) William Constentine of Waygill, yeoman, Elizabeth his wife (2) Josias Lambert of Calton, esq. For £85 conveyance of Danber Close, Calton with appurts. (ZMI/B7/I/7 )

Sir Martin Lister gets Manor of Winterburn and Arnecliffe Cote (alias Frerehead) as marriage settlement. (YAS MD335/1)

The xxvij Day Jan 1633 - John Neyler son of Henrie of Winterburne bapt.

The ix Day Jun 1633 - John Hill s. of Stephen bapt. (GPR)

The xvj Day Feb 1634 - Henry Rimington s. of Edmond of Winter' bpt.

The xvj Day Feb 1634 - Isabel Driur d. of Richard of the Cowhouse bpt.

The xx Day Dec 1634 - William Staw s. of John of Winterburne bpt.

The xxij Day Nov 1635 - Cuthbart Hill s of Cuthbart of Winterburne bpt.

Thomas Whalley s. of Roger Roger Whaleye was churchwarden at Gargrave and had half a pew adjoining a wall. (GPR)

13 Feb 12 Charles 1 (1637) : Grant by Court of Wards and Augmentations to Mary Parker, widow of wardship etc, of John Parker son and heir of Robert Parker, gent, deceased, to which is annexed a schedule of his estates, including the manor of Brercliffe and Exwistle, Co Lanc, and lands in Winterburn in Gargrave, Stirton, Skipton and the manor of Stohill al. Newbigging in Co. York.(Lancs RO : Tatton of Cuerden: DDTA 153-166 ref 161)

Thomas Dawson of Wynterburne, husbandman - for being there on 1st April 1640, and at divers other times before and since a common Barrator, disturber of the peace, and oppressor of his neighbours, inciting lawsuits etc. Witn. Wm Rakes, Rob. Tatham, Geo Hargraves, Wm Anderson, Cutb Hill, Geo Harrison. (General Court Sessions Y. A. S. Vol 54)

Wynterburne bridge is so ruinous and decayed that inhabitants of Calton, Scostrott etc cannot travel to market town of Rippon - not known who was responsible for upkeep. Witn. Cutb Hill, Edm. Remmington.

Winterburn Deputy Constable. Forasmuch as Thomas Tillotson, constable of Flasby:- William Parkinson was deputy constable he and his predecessors had always occupied the same place and lands "but now refuses to perform the same to the hinderance of his Mates service" On oath of Thomas Brigge and Peter Atkinson for the space of fifty and three score years last past doe confirm the same as much as in them Leith, and doth further think fitt that the sayd Parkinson shall collect the sayde layes as formerly he hath accustomed.

Bridge to be inspected by Sir William Lister and Richard Lowther esq. what repairs are needed, how much and who ought to repair are not known, so money left over from repair of Gargale(sic) bridge will be used. Summe of vli pounds paid overe to the hands of Roger Whalley gent. who is to see that it is frugally bestowed.

13th July. General Court Sessions : Townships of Eshton, Flasby cum Winterburn have paid and disbursed the sum of fifty shillings for the conveying of Thomas Dawson to York prison - because he refused to enter bond for his appearance att the next general sessions. Ordered that the constable shall distreyne the goods of the said Dawson and make apprisement thereof by fowre honest menn in the said towne, and to make sayle, deducting the chardge of conveying him to Yorke, and restoring the surplusage if any such be.

Final Concord. Richard Draper and Robert Gilbert, querents. 2 Sir Martin Lister and Susan his wife deforciants fine relating to lands in Winterburn, Flasby, Eshton and Airton. (YAS MD 335/1/33/3)

Sir Martin Lister sells Friars Head to Sir Thomas Hartop for £1000. (YAS MD 335/1)

Sir Thomas Hartop and son William sell Friars Head to Henry Currer of Gawthorpe in Bingley for £2400 (house in possession of Gilbert Hill) (YAS MD 335/1)

Wilson of Eshton ; concerning Friar Head and Claphams Manor. Ejection and return injunction between Henry Currer against Francis Malham. (MD 423/126-7)

Feoffment Henry Currer and wife/Francis Malham. (MD 423/128)

John Throup of Langhill had five sons. William and Richard died in infancy. Thomas b 1654, Matthew b 1664, John b 1665. (John of Long Hill buried Gargrave 28.4.1687)
Throups used the higher lands for sheep farms and the lower lands for cow pasture ? (Hence cowhouse ?) Cowhouse was the home of Thomas Throup married to Ann Tennant in 1657 - Ann was 35 when she married, evidence to show that Thomas had been married before - no known children. William, a bachelor, also lived at Lower Cowhouse along with Thomas. Built over a lintel at their home was a fine example of a Yorkshire stone door head, ornately carved WT 1670

9Aug 1656 . Annuity from farm called Cowpercoates in Winterburn. (YAS MD 234/44)

White House built, cottage has date stone.

Slate from Gargrave Vicarage used to a barn upon Winterburn Hils. (GPR)

Winterburn Servus also Winterburn Kils. (GPR)

Release Friar Head (Arnecliff Cote) by Henry Malham/ John Malham (YAS MD423/128)

William Throup aged abt. 55 bachelor and yeoman of lower Cowhouse buried Gargrave 15.12.1680 will made 4th Dec. left all houses and land in Hetton and Winterburn to his sister in law Ann Throope. To brother John Throope - Lower Cowhouse and its deeds for life, and after his death to Thomas his eldest son Provided they maintain John Throope my nephew during his life with meat, drink, clothes, washing and lodging. The other nephew Matthew, inherited All lands purchased from George Broughton and Thomas Keighley. He left varying amounts of monies to al nephews and nieces the children of Isabell Lilly. He must have thought highly of his sister in law Ann, for he makes her a further bequest of money And that if anyone should disturb her in her peaceable enjoyment of the same, then they shall have no benefit of my Will. (Across Throups Bridge. - A family history through six centuries. Margaret and Malcolme Throup, and Throope details below.)

John Throope owner of Lower Cowhouse but living at Long Hill buried at Gargrave 28th April.

Meetings take place at Thomas Whalleys house in Winterburn by Non-conformists. His house had been certified as a meeting house for protestant dissenters.

Monson family deed, 14 June 1689 - acknowledges receipt of £600 from Robert Parker of Extwistle, Lancashire esq.; in part settlement of a sum of £1000 for a demise of 500 years for the manor of Glusburn, with property in Glusburn, Winterburn, Ibetton (?) and Rillston all in Yorkshire. (Lincolnshire Archives Ref MON6/1/7)

Matthew Throope at Lower Cowhouse, marries Betericia Netherwood of Kildwick. First child, Jane born and died 1691, second child Elliner was only five when mother died in 1699.

Thomas Throop in Lower cowhouse Buried 24th Nov. Thomas had made a will almost two months before his death and left everything to his wife Ann. After her death all property and goods, including a tester (four poster) bed was to become the sole ownership of nephews Thomas and Matthew Throope. Nothing is mentioned of third nephew John (the one to be provided with food etc). He marries Elizabeth Harrop in 1695, finally dying a pauper in 1719 .

Deed to lead uses of a fine and recovery 22Feb 1695 : 1. John Blackburn of Fryerhead and Frances his wife. 2. Fenton Malham of Extwisle, Lancashire, esquire. 3 Sir Roberrt Marsham of and Richard Garth, esquire, two of the six clerks of the High Court of the Chancery Endorsed: Deed to lead the uses of a fine and recovery of Fryerhead and to declare the uses thereof to Masham and Garth in fee on trust to convey the same to Malham if he paid what was due to Blackburn and his wife in fee. Also noted John Blackburn married Frances only daughter of Francis Malham by his third wife; Fenton Malham was grandson and heir of Francis Malham. (YAS MD 335/1/1/33/6)

One year lease Friar Head Fenton Malham et al.? John Blackburne. (YAS MD423/130)

Matthew Throope remarries, Ann Thompson of Burnsall, married by licence (original document still survives). They have 5 sons and a daughter Ann; John b.1701; George b.1703; William and Thomas (twins) b. 1705 (Thomas dies aged 2) and Matthew B.1714. George dies 1729.

G C Todd, Winterburn

Before1400 : 1400-1550 : 1550-1700 : 1700-1800 : 1800 onward

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