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Winterburn History Timeline

A collection of notes and document extracts assembled from a wide variety of sources, forming an historic timeline of events which had an affect on Winterburn. It contains many interesting facts and references to individuals, providing a brief, but useful, history of Winterburn.

Before1400 : 1400-1550 : 1550-1700 : 1700-1800 : 1800 onward

Court Cases. Craven Deanery : Matthew Bland of Winterburne "..for teaching school without a licence".

Thomas Whalley decided "to build a house for God". Winterburn Chapel built and completed. The following were named as trustees:
Sir John Middleton of Calton, Bart. (son in law of Mrs Barbara Lambert, daughter in law of Col. Lambert), David Yates of Bordley, Gent. William Keighley of Rylstone, Yeoman, and Comberbach Leech of Calton, Clerk (Chaplain to Sir John Middleton).
The chapel deed states that "the said Thomas Whalley did hereto purchase two cottages called Brigghouses and a parcel of land called Brigg Garth and one of the said houses is demolished and a new edifice lately erected where it stood and the said Thomas Whalley is minded and disposed to settle the new- erected edifice to be a chapel, oratory, or meeting place for religious worship, upon trust to permit the same to be used and employed as a meeting place of a particular church or congregation of Protestants dissenting from the Church of England, the minister or Teacher to be an able Protestant minister of the gospel, who, in his judgement and practice as to church discipline, is Presbyterian.
Signed Thomas Whalley".

The indenture conveying the chapel to the trustees stipulated "the minister pray and preach Gods word, administer the Sacraments of the New Testament and perform all offices and duties belonging to that sacred function so as every such Minister etc. be orthodox and sound in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and such as hold and profess the Doctrinal Articles of the Church of England"

On 13th October, Mrs Lambert left £100 to the same trustees, with the addition of Thomas Whalley, for the support of a minister according ton the above description, and in 1711 a memorandum was added to the deed saying that if the congregation of Winterburn and Horton should agree to hold joint meetings in a more convenient place "which is much desired by Mrs Lambert" the trustees might convert the Winterburn Chapel either into a dwelling house for the minister or to any other use for the benefit of the congregation. For a long time the Presbyterians held services at Winterburn and Horton alternately. Mr. Robert Hesketh, the minister in 1720, was summoned to appear before the Court "for suffering the doors of the meeting house to be shut at the time of their meeting.. the said Robert Hesketh being the teacher of the said meeting".

Winterburn Chapel
Winterburn Chapel before conversion to a house.

Mr Thomas Wally of Winterburn in Craven died Nov. aged abt. 30

Case and opinion regarding Friar Head. (YAS MD 423/131)

Regarding Friar Head, Lowether and Parker. (YAS MD 423/133)

Grant to Bannister Parker of Extwistle to the administration of goods etc of Robert Parker, late of Extwistle who died, as is asserted, intestate. (Lancs RO : DDTA 165)

Another mention of Jesus Green in Winterburn

October 15 1719 : John Throop of Winterburn Pauper buried. (GPR)

Lease and release of Friar Head. (YAS MD 423/134)

24 Jan 1724 : Robert Holmes a servant buried.(GPR)

Mill in Winterburn paying one shilling to vicar.

Bannastre Parker in Cuerden.

18 May 1729 : James Green Houshold'r pawp'r of Wintb'n buried. (GPR)

Allocation of pews in Gargrave Church. John Wilkinson of Winterburn Hall. Bannister Parker and Baynes Parker one of whom owned Friars Head. Also Currer present in W'burn.

Docs. dated 12&26 Jan 1745 relate to Cowper Coate farm, repairs of highways etc Winterburn Green. (YAS Lister- Kaye Collection MD 234/319)
Jack Shackleton at Cowper Coate

Matthew Throope, yeoman dies, his will mentions several properties in Hetton and Winterburn.

Tennant at Cowper Coat. (GPR)

Atkinson at Fryerhead. (GPR)

Wellocks at Upper Cowhouse. (GPR)
Throop at Lower Cowhouse. (GPR)

Map at the front of History of Craven by Whitaker shows Winterburn and the area around Winterburn Wood Farm stands is called Braystay Wood, the proprietor being H. Wilkinson Esq.

4 Nov 1771 Joseph Thompson (not of this area ?) surrendered £154,18.0 to John Jackson of Frier Head. (Lans RO. DX 118/143/13)

Winterburn Wood Farm
Winterburn Wood Farm, described in 1822 as "Braystay Wood" a farm in the township of Winterburn.
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Dec 9 1789 : Susan Foster Fryer Head buried.

G C Todd, Winterburn

Before1400 : 1400-1550 : 1550-1700 : 1700-1800 : 1800 onward

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